As a radiology resident, I often referred to papers tacked to reading room walls to decide how to manage imaging findings ranging from adnexal cysts to pulmonary nodules. At certain reading stations the papers were not available or were faded or out of date. I knew there had to be a better way.

Around that time, one of the radiologists in our practice, Dr. Alejandro Heffess, had started loading digital copies of key documents onto each of our workstations. While this was a significant improvement, it required manually updating at every computer.

So, with mentorship from Dr. Heffess, I created Rad Clarity, a website which provided access to these resources throughout from any computer or smart device. Over time, I expanded it to include access resources specific to our institution such as phone numbers and the paging system.

I have now created a public website for the resources relevant to the medical imaging community. Additionally, the website allows others to create accounts to customize the content individually and/or for their institution.


This site is designed for radiologists and radiologists-in-training as a practice improvement and reference tool to improve the interpretation of radiologic studies and management of imaging findings through the use of evidence-based medicine and consensus guidelines.


I thank all the residents and attendings in the Mount Auburn Department of Radiology for their thoughtful suggestions and contributions. In particular Dr. Ben Swan who designed and created many of the icons and created the contrast reaction reference cards.

Sean Novak MD