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Bueno J, Landeras L, Chung JH
The new guidelines for managing incidental pulmonary nodules published by the Fleischner Society in 2017 reflect an improved understanding of the risk factors and biologic features of lung can- cer. Specific topics emphasized in the updated guidelines include a new threshold size for follow-up, the importance of the morpholog- ic features of nodules, accurate nodule measurements, recognition of subsolid components, understanding interval growth or change in nodule morphology, and knowledge of patient risk factors. The updated guidelines enable greater personal flexibility in the deci- sion-making process and encourage individualized management of pulmonary nodules.These factors may introduce new challenges for radiologists, who previously used solely nodule size to make management recommendations.The authors describe eight sce- narios that illustrate the challenges potentially encountered when applying the new guidelines to pulmonary nodule management.

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Bueno J, Landeras L, Chung JH. Updated Fleischner Society Guidelines for Managing Incidental Pulmonary Nodules: Common Questions and Challenging Scenarios. RadioGraphics 2018; 38:1337-1350
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