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Steenburg SD, Ravenel JG, Ikonomidis JS, Schönholz C, Reeves S
Despite recent advances in prehospital care, multidetector computed tomographic (CT) technology, and rapid definitive therapy, trauma to the aorta continues to be a substantial source of morbidity and mortality in patients with blunt trauma. The imaging evaluation of acute aortic injuries has undergone radical change over the past decade, mostly due to the advent of multidetector CT. Regardless of recent technologic advances, imaging of the aorta in the trauma setting remains a multimodality imaging practice, and thus broad knowledge by the radiologist is essential. Likewise, the therapy for acute aortic injuries has changed substantially. Though open surgical repair continues to be the mainstay of therapy, percutaneous endovascular repair is becoming commonplace in many trauma centers. Here, the historical and current status of imaging and therapy of acute traumatic aortic injuries will be reviewed.

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Steenburg SD, Ravenel JG, Ikonomidis JS, Schönholz C, Reeves S. Acute traumatic aortic injury: imaging evaluation and management. Radiology 2008; 248:748-762
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