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Daub CA, Sepmeyer JA, Hathuc V, et al
American Journal of Roentgenology
Nonresectoscopic endometrial ablation techniques are being used as an alternative first-line management for menorrhagia. With these techniques, patients are at risk of developing delayed complications including painful obstructed menses, such as central hematometra and cornual hematometra, and postablation tubal sterilization syndrome. Pregnancy and the detection of endometrial cancer after ablation pose challenges in management. Radiologists should recognize the normal imaging findings in patients who have undergone endometrial ablation, be aware of the causes of treatment failure, and accurately identify delayed complications associated with these procedures.

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Daub CA, Sepmeyer JA, Hathuc V, et al. Endometrial Ablation: Normal Imaging Appearance and Delayed Complications. American Journal of Roentgenology 2015; 205:W451-460
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